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8 Things the Ultra Successful Do to Enhance Efficiency [Infographic]

Ever explored where you were in the last year? Do you think you were as successful as you had pictured yourself to be? We have taken some strategies from top celebrities from the fields of entertainment, technology and business on the approach to get you more accomplished.

Warren Buffet believes that one should identify and focus on their priorities. Prepare a list of your top 25 goals. Start striking off the goals and keeps only those that are your 5 top priority goals that you can’t avoid and these becomes your core goals and renounce the rest.

According to Will Smith, self-conviction is necessary and it is not required to keep 2 plans as it will only result in distraction between the two plans.

Steve Jobs believes in working every day as if it is his last day.

And Elon Musk states that grouping various tasks proved to be very beneficial for him. It helped him in easily spend time with his kids along with his work.

Source: Roger Gelfand

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