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Building a Brand Online for a Small Business

We have become accustomed to seeing brands everywhere we look … on TV, at the mall, in publications and now on the Web. This infographic from Planning Pod shows just how ubiquitous brands and branding tactics have become on the Internet, and the practice of online branding is just getting started.

For example, 1 in 5 tweets today has a brand mention. 65.5% of blog readers say brand mentions within a blog post will influence their purchasing decisions. And 22% of people on social media sites bought a brand because a friend “liked” or followed the brand.

And online branding isn’t just practiced by big brands like Pepsi or GM. Small businesses are also getting in on the act because they realize how important it is to generate brand awareness in their area and their industry. This infographic offers up tips to small business owners who are looking to grow their brand presence on the Web.

Infographic Source: Planning Pod

Small Business Branding

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