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Career Happiness Index 2012

This infographic is a visual representation of data collected by City and Guilds in a recent study. The graphic provides information about what people consider to be the factors that contribute to their happiness at work.

The Career Happiness Index shows that people who are working in vocational and skills based jobs are the most happy, this includes hairdressers, gardeners, plumbers and electricians, of whom 65% reported being happy compared to 58% of those in office based jobs.
The report also looks at employment status and personal circumstances in order to understand how these can affect a person’s well-being and satisfaction levels at work. It showed that:

  • Self-employed people are overwhelmingly happier at work (85%).
  • 68% of those in vocationally-trained, skills-based jobs saying they were proud of their work, compared to 62% of those in academically-trained, office-based jobs.

The Group Director of City and Guilds, Nick Bradley commented: “It’s particularly interesting to see that those who have taken the vocational route are happiest and feel the most pride in their work; there’s certainly something to be said from learning specific skills and working your way up the career ladder.”

The Keys To Happiness at Work Infographic

Infographic Source: City & Guilds

The Keys To Happiness at Work

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