California’s Hazardous Waste Crisis

Is California contaminated? Speaking to this growing trend of shipping hazardous waste out-of-state, Debbie Rafael, director of the DTSC, recently stated: “If our solution is to export our harm elsewhere, we have to be honest about what we’re doing.”

It’s time for California to get honest about not just its hazardous waste problem and laws, but to also address the underlying permitting issue that is causing it. Environmental laws and clean-up facilities are in place to keep California’s citizens healthy and safe, yet the lack of permits is keeping those institutions from performing the important function for which they were created in the first place. And what’s the point of having tough hazardous waste laws in the state, if the state allows so many companies to avoid the regulations and ship the waste out-of-state. Is that the intent legislators had when they passed those laws?


Infographic Source: American Resources Policy Network

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