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Vehicle Leasing – The Frequently Asked Questions [Infographic]

With vehicle leasing for both cars and vans increasing in popularity, there are a lot of questions that are frequently asked. After being asked the same questions again and again, we decided to create infographic in order to answer these questions easily and effectively for the customers. Our infographic is designed to inform our customers in the simplest design possible.

It answers questions like how old do you have to be before you can lease a vehicle and the answer is 18.

Or customers want to know what the minimum and maximum time for a normal leasing agreement is? Well the answer is 12 months to 4 years with an occasional exception for bad credit agreements that can go for longer like 5 years.

Or is a deposit required? Not necessarily.
The truth is our infographic answers the majority of basic questions asked about vehicle leasing.

vehicle leasing for cars and vans


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