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Coffee Alphabet [Infographic]

Short Description: Coffee is something so many people drink every day, but do they think about the coffee itself? Probably not further than whether they like it with or without milk! Coffee is such an interesting plant and drink, that it’s a shame not to learn more about it.

We decided to take a look at some interesting coffee-related terms and list them in this infographic. Here you can learn at least one coffee term for each letter of the alphabet, from Arabica to Zimbabwe. Terms listed cover different coffee related topics, from growing the coffee plant, to preparing it and different tastes the drink has when prepared. Infographic also mentions different types of coffee and different countries and regions that are famous for coffee.

So grab your cup of coffee and find out how many different ways of picking coffee are there, what are quakers, what is the difference between natural and organic coffee, and much more.


Image Source: Gimoka Coffee UK

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