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Health Benefits of Vitamin D

You may have heard the negative effects of too much sun exposure, but what about its positive side such as Vitamin D. Of course, too much exposure can be harmful. But that doesn’t mean avoiding the sun completely. What we need is just a fair amount of sunlight to hit our body and voila, we have consumed Vitamin D to keep us healthy.

If you’re wondering how important having Vitamin D, here are some health benefits:

1. Vitamin D can keep our brain healthy.
2. Vitamin D can help preserve insulin sensitivity.
3. Vitamin D can safeguard us against cancer.
4. Vitamin D can solidify our immune system.
5. Vitamin D can keep our heart healthy.

There may be other health benefits, which are not on the list. Whatever they are, we must be happy about it. We can now say that we’re lucky to have sun around and some foods rich in Vitamin D.

health benefits of vitamin D


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