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Tooth Cavity Killers and Causes: 10 Surprising Habits that are Affecting your Dental Health [Infographic]

The basics of dental care are universal – avoid sugary foods, brush and floss 2-3 times per day and visit your dentist for checkups every second month.

If you follow that advice, you’ll be alright…..or will you?

The bad news: Certain daily habits that you are likely doing right NOW (unknowingly) may be causing tooth cavities.

The good news: There are also habits, again, which you may be doing without knowing, that are helping fight those cavities!

This infographic runs through a list of surprising dental habits that are affecting your dental health. From drinking coffee, to red wine, from brushing to hard, to not brushing at all, find out now if you are helping or harming your teeth.

Source: Dental Guide Australia

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