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Top Muscle Building Foods

Eating muscle-building foods can go a long way in your bodybuilding journey. The question is what foods guarantee muscle growth? Protein, of course, is the answer. To help you, here’s a list of some muscle-building foods presented in an infographic by No Max Shred. As you notice, all of them are protein-rich meals.

1. Full-Fat Cottage Cheese With Live Cultures
2. Omega-3 Eggs
3. Plain Greek Yogurt (Greek yogurt is richer in protein)
4. Protein Shake (known as the cornerstone of muscle-building program)
5. Rotisserie Chicken
6. Lean Beef
7. Nuts (almonds & cashews)
8. Venison (deer meat)
9. Salmon
10. Beans

You ready to build muscles? Keep in mind that your muscle building training won’t get you very far unless you start consuming these foods. It’s time to get serious.

top muscle building foods


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