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Vaping Saved My Life [Infographic]

Groundbreaking research out of UCL demonstrates that 20,000 smokers traded their cigarettes for e-cigarettes in the UK in 2015. It’s predicted that at least the same number again will stop smoking thanks to vaping in 2016. In total, the Office for National Statistics has found that 863,000 current vapers are ex-smokers.

Smoking kills about half the people that do it, taking ten years off the average smoker’s lifespan. But vaping, which contains neither the carbon monoxide or the tar which makes smoking so lethal, is estimated to be around 95% less harmful than smoking by Public Health England.

This is why some scientists consider vaping to be “the greatest public health breakthrough since antibiotics” — we have a real chance to save so many of the lives that are lost to traditional tobacco products.


Source: Pascal Culverhouse

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