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Top 10 Floating Wall Shelves for Your Home

Floating shelves are shelves attached to walls, generally made of light-weight material such as MDF. This infographic features the most loved floating shelves used by home decor fanatics. This infographic helpsĀ  you to pick the right type of floating shelf suitable for your home interior.

These 10 floating shelves namely, square floating shelves, triangle floating shelves, honeycomb floating shelves, corner floating shelves, zig zag floating shelves, tree floating shelves, criss-cross floating shelves etc are the floating shelves with great demand.

You can use these floating shelving units for your home as well as office interiors. These are multipurpose shelving units that can be used as a bookshelf, utility shelf, bathroom shelf etc. A floating shelf can hold considerable weight so that it can really act as a utility shelf.

These floating shelves use the wall spaces in your room and helps you to add elegance to your walls and save the room space.


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