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Cool (and Weird) Shed Uses

Garden sheds aren’t only used for storing garden tools or other equipment. In fact, some people transformed their sheds into a laboratory, playhouse, greenhouse, Silicon shed, or even a church. Can you imagine that? Here are some weird uses of shed:

1. Playhouse for Kids – A spare room for your kids to play and use their wild imagination.
2. Animal Shelter – Perhaps you have many pets. Use your shed as their private space.
3. Barber Shop – Planning to start a barbershop business? If can’t find an affordable space, your shed will do.
4. Nobel Prize Winning Shed Research – Marie Curie started her laboratory in a shed. Yes, it’s possible.
5. Home Office – If you work from home, you probably think of setting up a home office. Turn your shed into a private office for your work.

cool shed ideas
cool shed ideas


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