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Toilet Humour [Infographic]

Flushing away the myths, and washing our hands of stereotypes; GigLoo take a look at some of the most ridiculous and outrageous from the bathroom – scaling who washes their hands, who needs their phone… and who invented the flush?

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We have over 40 years’ experience in Surrey, Sussex, London and all over the South East to provide luxury toilet and shower facilities for all types of requirement – including weddings and village fetes, outdoor music festivals, commercial events and even longer term hire for construction sites or office relocations.

Our portable toilets and showers are designed with comfort of use and ease of access in mind. We use 100% recyclable materials to provide a hygienic solution that is tough, green and easy to clean! More than anything else, we pride ourselves on delivering a top quality solution for all your large scale toileting needs.

Our industry standard 3+1 female or male units are made from heat welded white polybutylene that look smart and are robust, meaning repairs and downtime are kept to a minimum. The inbuilt flush system is eco-friendly, while the specialist surface allows hygienic steam washing for quick and chemical free cleaning. We can provide 14 bay toilet trailers for larger events.


Source: GigLoo

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