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How Logo Colors Affect Your Business

When you’re creating a brand, business logo, or even a product, it’s normal to get confused about choosing the appropriate color (unless you don’t care about it). But you should care, because colors could affect your business’ overall impression. Do you know the meaning of red? What about blue? To help you decide, here’s a list of colors with their meanings.

1. Red – Energy and desire, red is perfect for advertising campaigns to grab attention.
2. Yellow – Cheerfulness and joy, yellow is effective for children’s items.
3. Orange – Creativity and enthusiasm, use orange for food products or toys.
4. Green – Harmony and growth, green is perfect for ‘green’ products.
5. Blue – Tranquility and calmness, if your business is related to cleanliness, blue is the choice.
6. Purple – Nobility and power, purple is perfect for women’s or children’s products.
7. White – Indicating cleanliness and goodness, use white to suggest simplicity and purity.
8. Black – Considered formal and elegant, use it to highlight a particular color in your business logo.

how logo colors affect business
how logo colors affect business


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