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On Page SEO In 2016

Why is it important to rank top in search engine results?

Well, what’s the point of having a business page online if it can’t be found?  That’s why it’s crucial that your business page is ranked on top when keywords are searched for.

Click-through rate studies show that more that 70% of searches result in the first page getting organic clicks.  Your business page is an asset that turns these organic clicks into sales.

Another recent study on page SEO by AHREFS, analysed over 2 million results returned by Google.  The study shows how Google is changing its algorithm: it no longer depends purely on your title, H1, meta description or content.

If you’re still taking advice from those gurus who tell you to make your title tag with the exact keywords, repeat it in the meta description, use the right h1 etc, then you will need to show him this study.

Understand the importance of this and how search engines work,  GetClicks has summarized the AHREFS findings into the infographic below, for the benefit of all.  SEO is not dead, it just evolved!



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