You’re Not As Secure as You Think: Small Business Cyber Security

Thousands of small businesses are opened everyday throughout the country, and with the ease and accessibility of online tools to assist new business owners get started today, it’s no surprise that everyone who has the American dream of opening a business is either already taking advantage of these tools, or planning to do so. But one huge business consideration that many online business owners, and business consumers, fail to take account of is their cyber security. Whether you’re adding fresh original content to your website, purchasing products or services online, exchanging financial information as a business, or setting up an account or infrastructure that requires entering personal information, there are countless ways and avenues by which an online hacker can get access to this private information. This infographic You’re Not As Secure as You Think: Small Business Cyber Security, gives the low down on who hackers target, what information they specifically look for, and tips on how to protect yourself by increasing your Cyber Security standards.

This infographic was developed by Veracode, providers of the world’s leading Application Risk Management Platform and Small Business Cyber Security.

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