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A Look At The History of The Alarm Clock have created a truly nice infographic on the subject of The History of Alarm Clocks.

How many of you knew that alarm clocks date back historically to anchient water clocks and even sun dials? Or that early civilizations likely used another technique for waking up early: they simply drank a lot of liquids before going to bed. These are just some of the interesting facts you’ll discover in this colorful and entertaining infographic.

For those of you who aren’t already in the know: Online Clock is a website that you can use as an alarm clock right in your web browser. It has the advantage that you don’t need to download or install any software. All you have to do is visit the website, choose your alarm time and then leave the alarm clock open in one of your browser’s tabs.

But, whether you want to use their web-based alarm clock or not, you’ll have to admit…this is one cool infographic!

The History of Alarm Clocks Infographic has been created by the team at The Alarm Clock Blog.

This infographics blog post is a guest post from

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