Weird Stuff You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

You most likely have heard of some theme restaurants that exist but have you heard of these odd ones. Manolith has created another entertaining Infographic which lists eight of the strangest (and most disgusting) theme restaurants and their locations. These restaurants involve monkeys, toilets, medical equipment and yes I’m still talking about restaurants. Maybe you would enjoy having a unique cocktail served to you in a syringe or you may choose to dine in an ice made restaurant where the food is served on dinnerware made of ice. These weird theme restaurants are located all over the map from Japan to New York City to Quebec City, Canada.  You just may want to visit these bizarre places as you travel around. For example, would you like to have your food served to you on a mini toilet or perhaps you would prefer to have a monkey serve you your beer. A restaurant in New York City has a staff of trained ninjas that will sneak up on you in stealth mode. That will keep you on your toes or maybe in a constant fear for your life throughout your meal.

 Infographic Source: Twirlit


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