Snapchat, Why Your Small Business Should Pay Attention [Infographic]

Snapchat has unexpectedly become a giant among social media platforms. Currently worth $16 billion, Snapchat has (almost) rid itself of its reputation of being a place to take NSFW pictures that quickly disappear. With the addition of face filters, geotags, and many other customizable features, Snapchat has become a very useable tool for huge brands to use in order to put a personal touch when interacting with their followers. Countless brands- including Taco Bell, Acura, GrubHub, Burberry and more- have used Snapchat as a way to offer coupons and giveaways, give behind-the-scenes access to followers, allow sneak peeks at new products and other inventive ways to engage customers unlike ever before!

Now, more and more, businesses are regarding Snapchat as not only a viable, but a great tool for marketing. Along with the flexibility of its use, Snapchat also gains brands access to the coveted Millennial customer base. With 100 million active daily users (the bulk of which are Millennials), Snapchat is truly the silver bullet for businesses to interact with Millennials. Learn how to use Snapchat to offer highly personalized and unique interactions with a new customer base for your business!


Image Source: Proven


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