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Signs Your Body Needs Detox

How do we know if our body is in need of detox? Here are some signs:

1. Weight Gain. If you’re having problem losing weight, consider detox. Detoxification eliminates toxin build up in the body.

2. Body Odor. Nobody loves body odor. When you notice odor not just in your underarms, but all over the body, you seriously need detox.

3. Mental Fog. Unable to focus? That’s because your body needs cleansing. If the body doesn’t function properly, so does the brain.

4. Indigestion. If you always feel bloated, something’s not right in your digestive tract. You need an intestinal cleanse detox.

5. Insomnia. One of the causes of sleeplessness is the toxin build up. You need to eliminate them so you can sleep well. What to do? Detox your liver by drinking green juices.

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