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How Radio-Controlled Clocks Work

Some of us tend to hate clocks. They tick off the time, telling us when we’re running late. But there are times when we’re infinitely glad to have an accurate clock in the house, especially when it comes to waking up and getting to work on time each day. The team at, a website that has created the world’s original online alarm clock, has come up with an infographic on a decidedly clock-nerd topic: How Radio-Controlled Clocks Work.
For those who don’t know, radio-controlled clocks are the clocks you can buy nowadays which update themselves with the accurate time every now and then via radio waves. There are actually time servers out there sending out the current time via low-frequency sound waves, and then there are these clocks which are especially designed to “read” these time signals and update themselves to the accurate time.

Radio clocks are becoming more and more widely used, especially in the United States. The reason why: they deliver highly accurate time settings, and they’re also becoming less and less expensive to manufacture. So, if you’re a time and measurements kind of geek like us, take some enjoyment in looking at this nicely designed infographic and learning about how these cool, high-tech clocks work!

Infographic Source: Online Clock

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