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The Pros & Cons of Van Leasing [Infographic]

Van leasing is a brilliant way of acquiring vans for your business, whether you need one van or a fleet of several vans. Whilst buying the vans might seem like the only option, that is not the case with van leasing.

There are a variety of reasons to sign up to a van leasing agreement, most of them pros, but with a few cons. We have designed an infographic to demonstrate exactly what the pros and cons of van leasing are.

On the pros side, when you sign up to an agreement, the monthly costs are fixed and usually cheaper than if you were purchasing a van on finance. Also on different agreements, there is usually a low or sometimes even no deposit required.

Because depreciation is such a big issue when it comes to getting rid of the vans that leasing agreements do not require you to sell them on or even keep them. You can simply just hand them back. All the pros are demonstrated on the infographic.

On the cons side, you can only purchase the vans at the end of the agreement if you are on a PCP agreement, otherwise you must hand them back.

Also if you are taking out a leasing agreement, you must decide on the annual mileage required for that van at the beginning of the contract.


Source: Hippo Motor Group

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