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2016’s Genius Travel Hacks & Tips [Infographic]

Fast Cover travel insurance sourced over 500 travel hacks articles to find the tips and tricks that will make your 2016 holiday simpler.

The hundreds of travel articles collected were analysed according to how widely they were shared. The most popular were then examined to create a holiday timeline with travellers favourite tips that can help you save money and make each stage of a holiday easier.

Travellers of all kinds will recognise the five stages of every trip shown in the infographic – booking, preparing, being in transit, getting around your destination and returning home again.

When it comes to booking, Fast Cover suggests that you’ll find cheaper airfares on Tuesday, Wednesday or the weekend. Deleting your browser’s cookies and search history might also mean finding a better deal on a flight. When you’re looking for accommodation, you can also save money by choosing an Airbnb or hostel rather than a hotel. To find the best price on travel insurance, shopping around is worth the effort and purchasing early is recommended so that you can receive cover for emergency cancellations.

You can also save money by suspending any memberships, including your pay TV and gym membership, before you leave. Remember to also notify your bank about your travels and turn off message bank and data on your phone.

Packing can be made easier by rolling your clothes, storing other items in your shoes and bringing a power board.

A pen, flashy ribbons and tags for your bag, an empty water bottle and an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on can also make being in transit easier.

At your destination, the best exchange rates are generally found through ATMs. Buying a local SIM card, downloading offline maps and using Uber can also make travelling simpler and cheaper.
When you’re preparing for your trip home, ask for a late checkout and Google your flight to ensure its running on time. Most importantly, start thinking about where you’ll go next to minimise the post-holiday blues!

Image Source: Fast Cover

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