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5 Boating Activities To Enjoy in Destin

In this infographic we have gathered the top five boating activities to enjoy while in Destin, Florida.

1. Crab Island 

Crab Island is situated just a few minutes boat ride from Destin Harbor. While not technically an island any longer, this underwater sandbar can range between 2-10 feet deep when the tide goes out. With crystal clear water and white sand, this is one of the best spots to anchor your boat and have some summer fun.

2. Fishing

Destin has been nick-named “Luckiest Fishing Village  in the World”. The area offers year-round freshwater and saltwater fishing. Within a half-hour of Destin Harbor anglers can be in waters as deep as 60 feet. You can also head over to the Choctawhatchee River and Bay, a 27-mile long estuary, to fish the shallows.

3. Snorkeling

The Destin Jetties are a popular snorkeling spot. Most people choose to swim the east side of Destin Pass at high tide since the clear ocean water is coming into the bay. On a good day you can have a 30-50 foot visibility and see a variety of sea life among the man made rocks.

4. Dolphins

Some people say that the dolphins are the good will ambassadors for the Emerald Coast. While cruising the waterways you will have a really good chance to observe dolphins playing and feeding in their natural habitat. It is an exciting experience to share with your entire family.

5. Sunset Cruise

Enjoy one of nature’s most breathtaking views each night as the sun sets over the Destin waterways. Journey across the harbor in your boat and you will see the sky come alive right  in front  of you. It is one of the best ways to end any day out on the boat!


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