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The Dogs Relation to Humans

This infographic about Dogs Relation to Humans is presented by, a premium pet supplies company based in Sydney Australia. The infographic displays how the dog is considered family and some of the human qualities that dogs take on from their owners.

Here are some stats related to how dogs are incorporated in to family activities:

  • Dogs get gifts from their owners during Christmas –  63%
  • Dogs get birthday gifts from their owners – 36%
  • Dogs signature included in greetings and notes – 23%
  • Included in the family photograph – 27%
  • Picture of their pet dog displayed in their home – 37%
  • Loving the dog so much, as they carry the picture in their wallet – 10%
  • Buying a vehicle with the convenience of the dog in mind – 16%
  • Dogs go on family vacations – 34%

Dog's Relation To Humans Infographic

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