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11 Interesting Facts About Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is probably the most discussed topic of this year so far in makeup industry. The rise of starter airbrush makeup kit has changed the conventional way of using makeup in formal events. In the past, airbrush makeup was an expensive item, only meant for celebrities. But, now anyone can buy a starter airbrush kitfor around 100 bucks and instantly get that smooth HD camera ready look. It’s no longer a luxury item that you could only afford once in a lifetime from a boutique makeup artist.

The popularity of airbrush makeup is not a miracle. It has some great features that attract huge attention. It provides long lasting, flawless finish in a considerably quick time. Moreover, airbrush makeup is easy to apply.

Airbrush makeup is most popular among brides. That make sense, huh? Everyone wants to have a perfect appearance in their wedding day from beginning to the end. Traditional makeups are not long lasting or even waterproof. That’s why airbrush makeup has become an essential elements for brides. It’s great to avoid patchy, cakey face in the middle of the most important event of someone’s life.

In this visual guide, you will get to know about 11 interesting facts and features of airbrush makeup. This infographic was originally published at