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HTML5 vs Flash

Just about anybody can build their own website nowadays with one of the online platforms that provide templates for website creation.  When I decided to give it a go, I was surprised at how easy it can be.  The most difficult part for me was choosing whether to use Flash or HTML5 for my website.  I’m not a geek so I’m not even sure what these terms mean, let alone the difference between them.  I found a great infographic that I could use to help me choose.

It has all the information on HTML5 and Flash laid out clearly on the screen, and it was a simple job to follow down through each step until I got to the end and I had a much better idea of what would be best for me.

It made me think a bit more carefully about the sort of website I’d like to have – the sort of people I was expecting to come to my website and what they would like to see there.  I learned about the basic differences between Flash and HTML5 – it wasn’t at all difficult to understand.  Using this infographic is a brilliant way of getting down to business and deciding which to use – it cuts through all the jargon and gives you the confidence that you’re choosing the right tool for the job in hand.

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