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Powerpoint Shortcuts Infographic

Are you tired of clicking hundreds of times to do a certain action on the screen of your PC? Do you want to cope with editing and creating documents on the device quicker and easier? Then you should learn a dozen of hotkeys.
It is most likely that you’ve already heard about them and used then in your workflow. Hotkeys are programmed key combinations by pressing which you can do a particular action without turning to the mouse. The most widely known hotkeys are “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V”. Almost everyone has used them at least once.
If you still doubt whether you need to learn new hotkeys, recall how many movements and actions you take to copy or insert a fragment. And now, try to do the same with a hotkey. The difference is obvious. What are the advantages of using such key combinations?
– Hotkeys will make work easier and more effective;
– Hotkeys will save time and allow coping with some tasks quicker;
– Hotkeys will help take some computer actions without the mouse.
Although the majority of users frequently use only two above-mentioned combinations, there are more than 10 hotkeys. They will help copy, paste, cut, save, control, and edit documents. Thus, it is worth spending several hours to study these combinations and memorize them. You will spend only half of an hour or so, but you’ll get a great useful skill for future work, which will help deal with many computer tasks quicker.

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