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The Unofficial Evolution of the Batmobile

The legendary Batmobile has evolved so many times since Batman first started fighting crime in 1939. Thankfully it just keeps getting better and better. Feel like driving your own Batmobile yet?

The world was first introduced to Batman in the spring of 1939 in Detective Comics’ 27th issue, The Case of the Chemical Syndicate. The cost of the issue was a dime. Batman was created with the purpose of being a “super-competitor” for the newest and most popular superhero at the time, Superman. Imagined by gag cartoonist Bob Kane, (hmm, Bob Kane sounds surprisingly like Bruce Wayne, doesn’t it?), Batman still earns the title of superhero, despite not having any superpowers.

The Batmobile has a few key features that stay consistent through its evolution:

Unique design
Powerful and imaginative crime fighting features
The latest Batman symbol featured … somewhere
For almost 80 years Batman has been fighting bad guys and winning our hearts. The image shown depicts the most impressive Batmobiles we have seen over the years. Everything from an eye-catching design to extreme crime fighting features goes into making the Batmobile the car everybody wishes they drove.

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The Unofficial Evolution of the Batmobile