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How Much of Each Energy Source Does It Take to Power Your Home

The way in which we consume our energy is important, as is how much we use, impacting us financially and the wider world around us. The energy industry is constantly in development and it will be fascinating to see how the sector will progress going forward. Some of the main players at this point are still wind, solar, hydropower, and coal, with each being utilised to varying degrees to help power our world.

But how much of each energy source would it take to power the average home? How many wind turbines would it take to keep the lights on? How many pounds of coal would you need to stay warm throughout the year? How much energy from a hydropower system would it take to fuel your house? The answers are pretty interesting and in some cases very surprising.

To help illustrate what is what, and just how much of each energy source you would need to keep your home running, McGinley Support Services have put together this infographic depicting with facts, figures, and imagery what exactly it would take. Perhaps the results will make you think a little differently but how you fuel your home, and which energy source should be utilised.

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