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Securing a Sustainable Future through Renewable Energy Sources

With worldwide energy consumption increasing by 46% in the past 20 years, renewable energy specialists at Stephens Scown solicitors in Cornwall and Devon are highlighting the importance of renewable energy in the region, as energy needs increase.

Despite hitting the headlines in recent months and years, renewables still only accounts for 3.7% of energy consumed in the UK – falling well behind other European countries including Germany (11.7%) and France (8.5%).

Head of Renewable Energy at Stephens Scown Sonya Bedford said “The South West is a hotbed for potential projects and the region has played and will play a key role in driving sustainable change and development.”

The firm has been at the forefront of driving developments, having already supported some of the UK’s most pioneering and innovative projects, which have already generated enough energy to power Exeter, Truro and St Austell – the equivalent to boiling a kettle more than 1,000,000 times.

Infographic Source: Stephens Scown

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