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Why Submit on Infographix Directory?

Infographic Submission Guidelines

What is an infographic? Extensive Guide to Create and Publish your Infographic

The 10 Benefits of Infographics

What do Other Companies say About Infographics?

Why Are Infographics Essential for SEO & SEM?

How exactly can your SEO and marketing strategy benefit from an infographic?

How to make an infographic

Infographic Designer

Infographic Template

Infographic Maker

Where to Submit Infographic

What are the advantages of Submitting your Infographic to Infographic Directories?

The Power of Infographics on Pinterest

How Infographics help your Email Campaigns


 Why Submit on Infographix Directory?

Our website is an established website. Infographix Directory was created on 2012 and since then we have posted hundreds of Infographics. Our traffic is a mix of organic traffic and social traffic, with more than 1000 users per day. Our Pinterest Page reach around 2 million users per month! And if you submit your infographic with us there’s a big chance these users see and share your infographic. Also, if you check our authority with Moz, Majestic or Ahrefs you will see that Google loves our website- our links are powerful!


Infographic Submission Guidelines:

  1. We accept the submission of infographics on a wide variety of topics.
  2. All of the infographic submissions go through moderation to ensure that they adhere to our quality guidelines.
  3. We will link to your website (as per the website address you provide in the submission form) as the source.
  4. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (5000+ followers) promotion.
  5. Infographic reviewed and posted within 48 hours of submission
  6. Guaranteed home page exposure for at least 7 days
  7. When sending your submission, please include as much detail as possible to make your infographic stand out from the crowd!
  8. A genuine (UNIQUE) 100 word description of the infographic (not an overview of your business) needs to be included with your submission. If your infographic is good and your description adequate, it’ll get posted.
  9. No nudity, graphic images, or obscenities.
  10. You must be an official representative or original designer/owner.
  11. You have ensured that all facts, data and other information presented in your work are fair, accurate and verifiable.
  12. You are not uploading infographics that contain artwork or other assets that aren’t created by you or for which you do not have a copyright or that you do not have permission to use.
  13. We cannot guarantee publication of any infographic (refund provided if rejected).
  14. We may use extracts from your infographic (e.g. thumbnails or key information) to promote your work on this website.
  15. Your infographic may be published alongside relevant advertising or affiliate links providing goods, services, and products.
  16. If your work is published on this site, it will be promoted and shared on social media and through other means.


What is an infographic? Extensive Guide to Create and Publish your Infographic.

The 10 Benefits of Infographics

Infographics are the ultimate traffic attractor to your site. They can be engaging and informative for your client base and can establish authority and reliability in an industry that may be heavily saturated. Infographics are the easiest way to showcase data.

Lots of Incoming Traffic – Inbound traffic from SEO improves your business output as well as provide a legitimately productive business. Infographics can be shared, so you know that you’ll be attracting interested customers back to your site or blog.

Universal Audience Appeal – Infographics often appeal to many different target audiences. Because they can be extensive this is often the most effective way to get out and blanket market your company to a large potential client base.

Client Base Engagements – Interesting and engaging infographics will always generate comments and user feedback as well as allow customers to intermingle.

Improved Brand Awareness – Infographics are the easiest way to tell your client base and potential customers exactly what your business is about in a fun and informative way.

Relationships and Credibility Building Intuitive and well-researched infographic content will not only help build trust in your business, but it will also make it easier for you to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Analyses of Customers & Tracking – Infographics are generally easy to track and can give you a huge amount of important data on who is interested in your business.

Viral Marketing – The internet is incredible at making things go viral, an infographic is no exception. In the age of social media you can get to a wide audience in very little time.

Increased Subscribers and Followers – The redirection of followers to your site will often result in more interaction between customers and you through subscription or following; especially if your infographic is intertwined with your social media marketing.

Keywords and Tags – An infographic is a great way of making sure your site has SEO, and can really boost your position on search engine listings.


Easy to Understand / Super Effective – Infographics are often easy to read and brilliant at conveying the information you want to your target audiences.

What do Other Companies say About Infographics?

“A good infographic can spread quickly on the Internet, giving viewers, bloggers and writers something to talk about, and the creator backlinks and exposure.” – Forbes

By creating an effective conversion path and making these graphics easy to share, you can turn your infographics into lead generation machines. ”  – Hubspot


Why Are Infographics Essential for SEO & SEM?

In the modern internet age, you need to employ every marketing method you know to make an impression and get traffic coming to your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are the most beneficial ways to do this and to make sure your site is out in front of the pack.

Then comes the question, how do you ensure you that you generate the most traffic and garner the most backlinks in the most effect manner.

Infographics are the present and future of successful SEO and viral marketing that will blast your business to new heights. Infographics might be catchy, informative and entertaining, but they are also a surefire way of increase traffic to your business.

Infographics are essential to your SEO and SEM efforts, and here’s why…

Firstly, they’re the most visceral and engaging marketing strategy you can employ for an affordable cost. Whilst blog posts and articles boost traffic, nothing can beat the awe-inspiring power of a post that contains an engaging infographic. 90% of what people remember is visual. The right infographic can propel your SEO & SEM efforts like no other.


Secondly, infographics ensure backlinks to your site and cross-links between your business and parallel industries.

How exactly can your SEO and marketing strategy benefit from an infographic?

  • Viral Marketing – With the advent of social media and the effective usage of these outlets to promote businesses, things like infographics can be shared and broadcast to a universal potential client base. They catch the eye of everyone and can help promote your business! Infographics for SEM drives traffic to your website! Increased traffic leads always leads to increased demand.
  • Interlinking and Network Building – Anyone can read an infographic and they can be posted anywhere. With some circulation, you will soon have a long reaching and wide ranging web of links from all corners of the internet straight back to your site. When sharing/embedding your infographic, the code will contain a link and potentially anchor text to help create quality backlinks – an important reason why you should use infographics for SEO.
  • Brand Maturity & Thought Leadership – An infographic can really showcase how accomplished your company is and how established you are in your particular industry. It can both help build your brand and trust with your current customer base as well as potential customers. This trust can drive traffic to your website.

Most importantly, infographics are good for SEO because they are QUALITY CONTENT.

Here’s an infographic on the importance of good content and how it helps boost your SEO.



Lastly, the shorter attention span of internet users in comparison to TV or radio consumers means that established marketing methods go out of the window. You need something that can pack a punch with lots of information in an engaging way. You need an infographic.

How to make an infographic

Now that you already Know What is an Infographic and Why you Should Use Infographics To Boost Your Credibility And Traffic, let’s see what you need to Create your Infographic. To answer the question “How to make an Infographic” we need to check the options to create an infographic first:

Infographic Designer

To get the best of your Infographic Design you need someone to design the Infographic for you! (or not, if you are really good with Photoshop or have time to use an Infographic Creator- see options below). Hiring an infographic Designer can be expensive, but all depends on of your needs and expectations. Some companies not only create the Infographic for you, they also share it on social media. Also, if you have a large business to run, you may want to use this option to save time. There are good and cheap infographic designers out there and hire them as freelancers on Fiverr for only $5! Custom Infographics Help You Build Your Brand, Attract New Customers, Generate More Traffic, and Get You on Page One of Google! You may want to browse upwork too to find an Infographic Designer freelancer.


Infographic Template

If you don’t have an Infographic Designer you can use an Infographic Template to get start. I found 40 Free Infographic templates here and I find them awesome! You can download them as PSD, AI or EPS files, depending on the template.


Infographic Maker

This is another option for the ones who don’t have an Infographic Designer. There are many Infographic Maker/ Infographic Creator/ Infographic Generator (pick the name that suits you) on the Market. An Infographic Generator can create Your “Superstar” High-End Social Media Graphics without High-End Graphic Design Fees! Check the list for TopFree Infographic Marker or Infographic Creator:

Canva Infographic Maker






Where to Submit Infographic

Now that you have created your Infographic, you want to show it to the the the larger number of people. Where should you submit your Infographic?

Let’s Talk About SEO, Social Media, and Getting More Visitors to Your Website!

rssThe more you add images to your blog, the more you dominate Google Image searches.  This means extra Page One rankings for your website on Google’s main search results.

facebookChances are you’re on Facebook.  I bet you already know, images are twice as likely (if not more) to get “LIKED” and “SHARED” as text-based posts.

pinterestAre you using Pinterest?  Did you know that every time someone “pins” your picture to their account, it creates another backlink from an authority website back to your site?   More
backlinks = higher Google rankings.


How about Twitter?  In case you haven’t heard, infographics shared on Twitter get over 800%
more retweets 
than text tweets, articles, other images, and quotes from famous dead people.

With these new changes in Gmail tabs, having an addictively viral presence on Google+ is more googleplusimportant than ever if you want your prospects to still pay attention to you.  It’s a new era; time for a new approach.

Your connections and discussion group members on LinkedIn are thirsty for knowledge that helps their business.  They need it fast, they need it now.  And you want them to comprehend it easily so they linkedintake action.

And if this is not enough, maybe because you don’t have a strong social media presence or because you want more, you can submit your Infographic to Infographic Directories, like this Website. Please visit our submission page here.


What are the advantages of Submitting your Infographic to Infographic Directories?

Infographic Directories, like us, may help your Infographic to get more exposure. A good Directory should be an Authority Website on Google’s eyes. Metrics like- Trust Flow and Citation Flow from Majestic or Domain Authority and Page Authority from Moz, or even URL Rating and Domain Rating from AHREFS where design to give an idea of the Authority of a website, so you may want to check these metrics before submitting an Infographic. Why should you check this? Because with your Infographic submission you will get a do follow backlink to the infographic Source, aka, your website. This backlink may help your rankings and increase organic traffic (traffic from SERPs).

We recommend that you submit your Infographic to good directories/infographic sites. Some are free, some are not. We accept free submissions but it may take between 30 to 60 days to be published.  We also accept paid submissions- $15 each, and we published the Infographic within 48 hours. Submit here.

Another good thing about Infographic Directories is that your Infographic may be published on the Social Media Accounts of that Directory, wich means more exposure, more traffic and more sales to you. have great Authority and a Backlinks coming from us Can boost your website authority and traffic. Also, We submit your Infographic on our Pinterest account – that have more than 5.1K Followers- on our Facebook account and also on Twitter- both with hundreds of likes and followers.


The Power of Infographics on Pinterest

Getting a lot of traffic is what Pinterest is becoming famous of. In fact, in 2013, Pinterest has already outlasted Yahoo in delivering organic traffic while it has leveled with Twitter in generating referral traffic. If you pin original content on Pinterest (We should understand that 80 percent of the activity involves re-pins of content that is already in the system.) this will make your content pinned more times compared to content that has been circulated already. Make sure that your posts are visual. Pinterest is visuals, heavy. So it would make sense to put a lot of infographics.

Got something to share, share it with Pinterest. It would surely fuel a surge in traffic if you have something to share with other people. Free stuff makes people excited. However, people need to know about the free stuff first. That is why you need to pin it to get traffic surging. People love to learn and they also love to share what they learn. That is the reason why you get tons of traffic. Also, it is common knowledge that the more you intrigue people they will click. That is why it makes sense to have these people for traffic. Pin something intriguing while putting the real mojo on the other side.
It also helps to focus on trending topics – a very underused technique that’s known to be highly effective. Pins with trending topics have a very high click-through. Getting traffic entails a lot of work. It becomes easy if you know where to look and what to do. You would not get a free lunch unless you work hard for it. That is why you need to work your behind off to gain monumental traffic on Pinterest.


How Infographics help your Email Campaigns

And finally we let you with this piece of information: how to use the infographic you created on your email marketing campaign.

The concept of email campaigns aren’t new, but they have been getting more of a revival lately. We all know that the money is in the list. If you want to send successful campaigns out to your email list then you’re going to have to capture their attention. Most of the time people don’t want to read a long drawn out page of copy or information. They like things quick and easy in this world of Netflix and binge watching. Giving people something they can quickly devour with their eyes is much more cost effective than sending them a lot of copy.

Capture Their Attention
That’s why the infographic is so important in an email campaign. A nice graphic that shows them how they can make money with your product or how the product you are selling is doing will draw a lot more attention than what you type to them.
Sure you can tell delightful stories about yourself and give them value, but it needs to be broken up by some colorful graphics to keep people’s attention. If you think of an email campaign you are going to be sending more than one email to people, sometimes more than once a month and if you are just hitting them hard with a lot of words there’s a good chance they won’t open the email you are sending. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some visually appealing graphics in the email that still say the same thing you want to get across.

Benefits of Emailed Infographics
There are several benefits of using infographics in your email campaigns. Here are a few of them. First of all the information they are seeing is retained better. People are going to click and buy something they understand faster than they will if they have to read something several times. Your click-through rates are going to be a lot better if you use infographics then if you just send them a long boring email that reads like a Dear John letter.
Another benefit is they are super easy to use and create. There are tons of resources and programs out there now that will help you create a great graphic that will really get you noticed. You can easily add your logo into the infographic in each email you send out so people can start recognizing it and this will help you grow your brand.
Make sure your infographics have accurate and correctly spelled information and you are golden. Nothing says I know what I’m talking about more than a carefully laid out colorful infographic. You’ll have them waiting with anticipation for your next email.
You need to be creative and catch them right away. They are probably receiving hundreds of other emails and you need to hook them with something they can see when they preview the email. A great infographic will get them to open up every time.