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7 Casino Facts –

If you’re no stranger to a casino, there are a lot of things you might know already, but there’s something to surprise you as well. It is neither blackjack tables or roulette wheels that account for 70% of the revenue of a casino. It is the penny slot! If you go into any casino, the variety of such slots that range from movie-themed to slots themed by countries, holidays and legends will leave you speechless!

These machines have been part of the casino industry since they were invented in the late 19th century. With time they evolved, and modern casino slot machines do not take actual penny coins anymore. Instead, they print a ticket which you then can then either cash out or insert into another machine. But with all the changes, penny slots remain the main attraction of any casino.

The reason they can generate so much profit is the machine is very simple to operate and requires no real skill. There is also the payout of between 75-95% with the casino keeping the difference. That is why when you enter a casino you are welcomed by the sight of rows and rows of penny slots.

You do not need to be a rich high roller to have fun in a casino! A visitor can spend a few hours with the slots and not damage his bank account too much. They are inexpensive entertainment with the hope of hitting the jackpot!

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Seven Casino Facts -