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888 Casino Insights – When? Where? How?

Did you know that the luckiest age range for roulette player is 55-64 year old people?

Or that the luckiest day of the year is 7th August?

We all know that gambling is all down to skill with a healthy measure of luck, so the team at 888Casino wanted to take a closer look to see if there any trends to be seen in their games.
And because 888casino love their statistics, they thought they would put their data to good use and put it to work to see what they could find!

They have used data collected from Blackjack and Roulette games such as age, gender, amount won and the date from over the entirety of 2015, then put all of this into an interesting and informative infographic to show to the world not only the highest-winning time periods, but the luckiest age range, gender and regions from 2015!

Lucky Stats from 888



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