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American vs European Roulette

Let us start with the basics. Roulette is a gambling game with a revolving wheel and 37 or 38 pockets. A ball is dropped onto the wheel and a player’s task is to predict in which pocket the ball will stop. If the player is lucky and the prediction is right, he/she can win a life-changing hefty amount. Even though this game is the game of luck, definitely you need to have your gambling senses to counter your opponent’s moves and bluffs.

In this game of skill and luck, the wheel spins until the ball stops in some pocket. Predictions may vary depending on the type of bet. For example:

– odd or even
– red or black
– 1 – 18
– 19 – 36

It is one of the most liked and played gambling games both in Europe and America.

No matter whether you are a hard-core fan of the roulette or a newbie in the world of gambling, ever wondered about the differences between American and European Roulette?

Although they are almost similar, a few differences are mentioned below.

1. In European Roulette the wheel comes with one zero (0), while the American one comes with two zeroes (00).
2. In European Roulette the wheel comes with as many as 37 pockets, whereas the American comes with 38. So chances of better luck with the European wheel considering a slightly higher probability due to fewer pockets.
3. In European Roulette there’s an option of En Prison Rule. This Rule is an opportunity to recover your stakes after a spin of zero (0), provided one’s bet was even-odds (i.e. high-low, even-odd, red-black). American roulette doesn’t follow such rule.
4. All chips in European Roulette are of the same color whereas for American Roulette the chips colors differ.
5. In European roulette, the wheel placed is in the middle, whereas in the American roulette, wheel is placed at the far end of the table.

I personally prefer European roulette; how about you?

Roulette Infographic