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Facts About Mobile Casino Gambling In 2017

Mobile casino gambling has dominated the Industry for the past decade. In 2010 91 % of the people that play mobile casino games used desktops or laptop computers. In 2014 34% of real money gamblers used their desktop or laptop computers to play games cash.

The growth continues as the Smartphone and tablet technology improves. In 2016 did a study and found 74% of the people playing casino games online used a Smartphone or tablet. What kind of Smartphone do most people play slots?

The study in 2016 shows that 64% of people playing mobile casino games used the Android phone. 22% used the Apple iPhone. The rest of the folks used various devices like the Samsung Galaxy and the Windows phone. Are you wondering if your Smartphone is compatible with a mobile casino app?

The basic system requirements are two gigs of ram, MySQL database management, C ++ server and a 2.8 gigahertz processor.


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