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3 day Detox Plan

Rosi Feliciano, a Brazilian nutritionist, has developed a diet based on diet detox. In Brazil, you will find this product easily going to Google and searching for “Plano Detox“. The 3-day detox plan is a plan made for everyone. In only 3 days you can Detoxify your body quickly.

See in the infographic how easy it is to implement this program in your life. You can also repeat it again 15 days later (from 15 to 15 days or once each month).

The detox diet is world famous and known for bringing huge benefits and proper functioning of our body. With this diet, it is possible to eliminate many aggressive toxins by making your body work better.

Take the 3 day Detox diet and see how healthy it is for you, millions of people are addicted to this diet
all around the world. Venture on this diet and stay in shape in 2017!