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Infographic About Xanax Bars

You’re probably reading this because your doctor prescribed Xanax to treat a panic disorder, phobia, or anxiety. Perhaps, you’ve come across different types of Alprazolam and wondered how you would identify the right pills or bars for you. Well, many people face this challenge. Xanax bars come in different strengths, colors, and shapes. What’s more, the market has fake Xanax bars that may contain Fentanyl. Unfortunately, counterfeit Xanax bars can kill the patient.
The Addiction Resource created this infographic after realizing the risk that most people face when their doctors prescribe Xanax pills. This infographic aims to generate awareness of counterfeit Xanax bars to ensure that patients avoid the potential dangers of addiction. Even if a patient purchases Alprazolam with a doctor’s prescription, they can develop a dependency. That’s why health experts recommend avoiding this drug altogether where possible.
But, if any of your friends or family members must take this drug, follow the doctor’s instructions. This infographic conveys vital information that can help individuals avoid the dangers of addiction or even death. That’s because it warns the audiences against purchasing Xanax bars in the street. It also explains the reason to seek medical attention if a person has already developed an addiction.

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