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7 Facts About Your Eyes

How much do you really know about your eyes? Your eyes are incredibly fascinating and complex, working together with your brain to help you see. According to a recent study by Bausch + Lomb, most people would rather lose a limb than their vision. Despite this, some of the most interesting eye facts are unknown to many people.

To help raise awareness of this amazing organ, the online contact lens retailer Lenstore has created this infographic with 7 incredibly interesting eye facts which most people probably don’t know about. Some of these have these facts have only recently been discovered, and so are not yet getting the attention they undoubtedly deserve.

From looking at why your eyes are a specific colour, to what would happen if you wore glasses which turned images upside down, this infographic has a diverse range of facts ranging from the interesting to the unexpectedly bizarre.

This infographic was created by the UK online contact lens retailer, Lenstore

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