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How Savannah’s High Humidity Makes Your AC Sweat

It always seems like your home needs repairs at the worst possible times. Your air conditioning might run perfectly for years and then break in the heat of summer. Even worse, you could experience a burst pipe right when your in-laws have arrived for the week. Many homeowners are shocked by the time and cost that it takes to repair the damage to their homes, and most aren’t prepared to cover that cost up front. However, many of these problems are easy to prevent, saving the family thousands of dollars and stress.

Reducing the likelihood of accidents and breakdowns requires regular home maintenance. In the same way that brushing and flossing your teeth prevents cavities and other expensive dental procedures. Regular check-ups can prevent home damage — or at least help you catch it early. Learning more about your home will help you to spot problems before they balloon into major crises, and create a plan to make sure the damage doesn’t get any worse. As a homeowner, it is worth your time to become an expert in identifying potential smells, sounds, and signs that something is starting to go wrong. After all, it’s better to spot a roof leak after the first few raindrops than after a giant puddle of water has ruined your hardwood floors.

Check out this infographic first published by Byrd Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. that shows the three costliest home repairs and a few tips for how you can spot them. If you are encountering any of these problems, follow our advice on minimizing the damage until you can have your home, piping, or appliance looked at.