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Learn About the Most Common Pests in Toronto

During spring and summer, pest control in Toronto becomes critical. Some of the usual suspects include wasps, mice, houseflies, bedbugs, and cockroaches. The following are common pests in Toronto, their health risks, and how to keep them away.


They are small wingless insects that feed on human and animal blood. They are transmitted on infected clothing or objects moved from one location to the other.
How to keep them away
• Clean infected areas
• Consult a professional pest control service
• Inspect packages before receiving
• Wash and dry, clean bedsheets and clothing to kill eggs.


Cockroaches have two central nervous systems that help them survive the toughest conditions. For survival, they only require water, warmth, a dark and damp place to breed. Cockroaches host parasites that are infectious to humans.
How to keep them away
• Hire a professional
• Regularly clean your kitchen surfaces
• Seal uncooked food
• Get rid of water spills on sinks, bathtubs, or floors.


Ants get into your home searching for food rich in starch and protein. They invade your home through cracks and openings. Carpenter ants are known to damage structures. Ants will also contaminate your food, causing illness.
How to keep them away
• Hire a pest removal company
• Seal trash cans and waste bags
• Avoid leaving pet food and leftovers outside
• Ensure your surfaces are always clean
• Check for cracks and openings and repair.

House Flies

House flies are 3mm to 9mm long and feed on compost material and leftovers. They also host harmful bacteria in their stomachs. According to WHO, Houseflies transmit about 65 diseases to humans.
How to keep them away
• Seal all food in airtight containers
• Keep your surfaces clean
• Check entry points for cracks and openings
• Hire a professional pest service


Rodents are capable of causing significant damage to property. Rats and mice will chew off your insulation, cabling, and wires. They transmit diseases through bites and droppings they leave behind.
How to keep them away
• Seek professional help
• Avoid leaving food outside
• Check for entry points
• Keep your surfaces clean and clutter-free.


Wasps are aggressive flying insects common in Toronto during spring and summer. They can inflict painful stings that cause allergies in humans.
How to keep them away
• Seal all entry points
• Get professional help
• Regularly clean your home ensuring its clutter-free
• Ensure all home openings, including windows and doors, are properly sealed.

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