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How To Check Your Hotel Room For Bed Bugs

This infographic by Moxie Pest Control takes a look at how you can check your hotel room for bed bugs. They provide seven easy steps to check for bed bugs when you first check in. They also have a couple of suggestions on what to do if you indeed find bed bugs in your hotel room.

What Do To:

  1. Leave your bags at the door so they are not infested with bed bugs.
  2. Check each layer of the bed including the seams, folds, and edges for signs of bed bugs.
  3. Lift up the boxspring and and inspect the seams, folds, and edges for signs of bed bugs.
  4. Check behind the headboard with a piece of paper. If there are bed bugs you will see them cling to the paper.
  5. Check the corners and crevices of the nightstands. Even check the binding of the bible or magazines.
  6. Check the iron board, the door tracks, shelving  and hangers int he closet for any signs on infestation.
  7. Look under the coach cushions and all seams.

Infographic Source: Moxie Pest Control

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