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25 ways to skyrocket your Instagram followers and likes

I will be sharing with you 25 ways to skyrocket your Instagram followers and likes the natural way. These are ways that you probably overlooked. I’ve created an infographic for better illustration and made it easier for you to understand. Let me start with sharing a few easy steps. To increase your followers and likes you need to post daily and build engagement with your followers. Reply to their comments and be friendly with them. Don’t just post a picture and leave it there to rot.

The second most important thing to do is trial and error, different Instagram profile works differently. You need to find what works for your followers. Post a picture of different niche and see which gets the best response. Once you found your niche, you are set to build on your followers and likes. For more ways to increase your followers count, refer to my infographic. Be sure to follow all the steps!