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Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

A Grazia infographic reveals that how people prefer to shop, whether that is online or at the high street. 55 percent prefer using high street shops, while 45 percent are happier to shop online. The infographic comes up with several enlightening points, including the fact that 64 percent of shoppers will look up information on purchases, but then buy offline. Between the sexes, women are much more likely to do this than men. Though social media is widely recognised as being important for business, a whopping 90 percent of consumers have yet to interact with a fashion retailer’s social media or mobile site. Customers who prefer to shop offline prefer to do so for two main reasons. 51 percent don’t like waiting for their order to arrive, and 42 percent like to be able to see what they are buying in person. In the case of the latter, customers were prepared to pay 50 percent more.

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