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Colorado Area Codes

When you take a close look at the development of area codes, you find a fascinating history that reflects population growth and technology adoption. Colorado received its first area code (303) in 1947, the same year that other American states and Canadian provinces got their first area codes under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

The 719 area code was introduced to Colorado’s southeastern area in 1988 to accommodate the growing populations of Colorado Springs, Monument, and Pueblo. Creating a new area code also made it possible for the Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and other north-central cities to use 303 exclusively. In the late 1980s, Denver began to experience a population explosion that would add hundreds of thousands of people to the city over the next three decades. The city needed a smaller area code so these new households could have unique phone numbers.

Colorado has picked up two more area codes since 1988. It got 970 in 1995 and 720 in 1998. The 970 area code gave more phone number possibilities to Aspen, Vail, Grand Junction, and other towns that were beginning to attract vacationers and affluent residents. The 720 area code added, even more, phone numbers to accommodate the needs of Denver, Boulder, and Aurora.

While area codes may not seem that interesting on the surface, a closer look shows that they emerge along with important trends within a state. You can learn more about Colorado’s area code system by checking out this infographic from CheckThem. The infographic offers a historical approach to emerging area codes. It also includes some fun facts that will teach you some new trivia about Colorado.