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Social Video Marketing Tips for Small Business You Should Know in 2017

Videos have become more and more popular nowadays. Most people would much rather watch a video about something than listen or read about it. However, in the business world, videos are getting much more important.

Below are some reasons that why you should utilize videos to promote your business:

Using videos can boost conversions and sales: It is said that having a product video on the landing page can increase the conversions by 80%.

Google loves videos: If you use a video in your page, then you have a 53X higher likelihood of ranking on the first page on Google.

Videos encourage people to share more: 76% of users would like to share a branded video with friends if the video is entertaining.

Since it is important to use videos to promote, how should we choose the video content?

Normally, you should choose the right type of your video. It can be an explainer video, a customer testimonial, a demonstration video or a personalized video. Also, you need pay attention to the video length.

It is essential to choose the right video editing software to edit your video footage too. If you are a professional, I think you must be familiar with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. However, if you want to try a simpler yet powerful enough video editor, you should try Wondershare Filmora (, which has 300+ built-in filters, transitions, overlays and effects, which will help you to make a video easier and efficient.

After the video is ready, you should choose the right platform to show your video. Scroll down to find out the best video platform according to your needs.