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How To Find The Best Trampoline

When it comes to finding a trampoline, there certainly are a ton of different options on the marketplace. Knowing what to look for can be a real benefit. The infographic below from highlights some of the key things to consider when buying a trampoline, with an emphasis on safety features which we like!

Here is a brief overview of what to look for to find the best trampoline for your family:

  • Size – Bigger trampolines cost more, but last longer as children age. When possible, buy bigger for maximum value for money of the long-term
  • Safety Net – These are a must. Most popular trampolines come with this safety feature
  • Shape – You have the choice of rectangular or circular shape. Rectangle is the preferred option for older users
  • Price – Higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. Expect to pay somewhere up to $800 for a good quality brand of trampoline
  • Springs – The size and length of springs impact on how much bounce in the trampoline. The bigger the better when it comes to maximizing the potential bounce height
  • Assembly – Be aware that assembly will typically require two adult and a bit of patience. So take your time and perhaps consider assembling when excited children are not around!
  • Monitor – Be sure to monitor jumpers, particularly younger children whilst they’re using the trampoline. We don’t want any injuries!
  • Read the Manual – Actually, reading the manual twice is a great idea. Read it once to familiarize yourself with assembly instructions, then read it again to ensure that you’re understand it clearly before assembling.



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