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Cultural and traditional sports around the world | ROL Cruise

This infographic by ROL Cruise looks at some of the most interesting cultural and traditional sports from around the world. Exploring sports that have a strong connection with a country’s heritage, it lists interesting facts about each of the sports featured.
Featuring Cross-Country Skiing in Norway, Sumo in Japan, Caber Toss in Scotland, Muay Thai in Thailand, Bossaball in Scotland, Australian Rules Football in Australia, Gostra in Malta and Surfing in Hawaii. Find out exciting information like the traditions of surfing in Hawaii or how the caber toss works!
All of this information is listed alongside bright graphics demonstrating a traditional competitor in each sport. The accompanying article, available on the ROL Cruise blog, goes into more depth about each sport and also talks to people around the world for the inside scoop on watching them live whilst travelling. For sports lovers who are into something a bit different, this infographic is perfect.
This ROL Cruise infographic explores some of the more obscure or interesting cultural and traditional sports from around the world. Discussing sports that have a strong connection to their countries culture or heritage, it also contains interesting titbits of information.
Featuring Surfing from Hawaii, Gostra from Malta, Aussie Rules Football from Australia, Bossaball from Spain, Muay Thai from Thailand, Caber Toss from Scotland, Sumo from Japan and Cross-Country Skiing from Norway, the broad range of sports in this piece means even a sports fanatic is bound to learn something new.
The facts about each sport are accompanied by bright and fun illustrations of a traditional competitor, whether a surfer in Hawaii or someone tossing a caber in Scotland. The article that accompanies the piece is filled with even more detailed information about each sport. As well as that, ROL Cruise spoke to people from all over the world to find out more about going to watch these sports in action.

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