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Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

Which one is better, Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Some would choose Black Friday because it has more products on discounts, whereas others prefer Cyber Monday because it’s more convenient, whatever. Before we conclude, here’s an infographic presented by Team Sports. It explains the pros and cons of both shopping holidays.

Black Friday

Research said that there are more than 60 percent of shoppers love to shop in-store. Some people consider Black Friday as the outset of low prices and huge sales in retail stores. Other shoppers, also, take advantage of the retail holiday to save more for the coming holiday season. Whatever the reason, we know one true fact: People spend money during this day. The question is, are the time, energy, and money spent worth the expense?

Cyber Monday

If you want to experience shopping using your computer, Cyber Monday is for you—the online version of Black Friday. Rather than falling in line before dawn, all you need to do is connect your computer to Internet and voila, you can now start shopping. But just like Black Friday, there are also pros and cons.

Cyber Monday sports team accessories
Cyber Monday sports team accessories