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25 Features Every Online Business Must Have in 2017

In the business world, online marketing is a competitive place and businesses that invest wisely in their online marketing strategies will generally outperform their competitors that don’t. Having a great website sets you up for fantastic online revenue opportunities, whether it is a customer finding you and contacting you via your website or from someone making an online purchase through your website.

So it is increasingly important that people put significant efforts into their website in terms of everything from how they drive traffic to the website, to where to position their content. Driving traffic to the website is the first part of the puzzle and if you aren’t getting the volumes that you would like to, maybe you need to be looking at your website in terms of SEO, or you need to invest in PPC or maybe spend more budget on your email marketing to drive customers to your website through that channel.

Once you have got your traffic volumes up, you can analyse how many visitors are becoming customers and review whether your website is set up for driving high numbers of conversions. If you are looking for some guidance on how to develop a website that achieves a high conversion rate then look no further than this excellent infographic. The 25 features every online business must have in 2017 is the perfect template for you to use to get your website ticking all of the boxes.

In addition to highlighting the most important features to remember to include, it also provides some very useful information in terms of content positioning which you may not realise is a key factor in getting your conversion rate up. If you have an existing website, use this as a checklist to see if you can make any improvements.



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